I choose to celebrate life because (so we are told) we only have one. I sing everyday and always smile because I am blessed! My sister passed away from Lupus ten years ago and I strive to be the healthiest person every. Although I slip up - I am human! I am also proud to be a black woman scientist as I am definitely a role model for many youngsters in my family and my peers. I am 28 and I'm not getting younger - everyday is a celebration and I would love to capture this moment where I feel so physically healthy and ready. I want to look back on it when I'm 70. For me, self-love and appreciation always comes from within from my family. In my household you were never able to doubt. As long as you study and work hard and you're healthy from the inside out, love yourself. You're beautiful. You're you. This is the you you have. So be the best you you can be. I think it's just been engrained in me since I was little. People around me reassuring me that I'm perfect the way I am.