I love surrounding myself with beautiful things, be it objects or good food or music, but most often, what gets me out of bed in the morning and through the day is laughter. I love to laugh uncontrollably and keep laughing until I have six pack abs that I then lose due to the good food I mentioned earlier. To me, there is nothing better than the release of a laugh--it's like a burst of positivity and every time I laugh I feel like I'm sending out good vibes into the universe and somehow saving the world. I have many different laughs. Sometimes I giggle and it's super cute; I'm instantly irresistible to everyone, or at least in my head I am. Other times I cackle like a witch which is a little scary but it's generally camoflouged in the cackles of those around me who found whatever it was that made me laugh equally funny. And every once in a while I'll let out this horrifyingly hideous laugh, one that could shatter glass, a laugh that is always commented on ("um, what was that?") that tells me I found something truly fun. I laugh at everything; made up words, funny accents, a joke that has been repeated so many times that it stopped being funny and then started being funny again. We have to take so much of our lives seriously, so I really cherish the moments that I don't have to take anything seriously and can just be silly and carefree. I think those moments are what makes life worth living and life worth loving.