Carly: I’m in New York with my best friend celebrating our friendship and mental health. I was in mental health treatment for two years and was treated poorly at my second program causing me to be over medicated and a zombie. I left and now after a year of leaving, I’ve felt more amazing than I ever have in my entire life. I met my new best friend, Skye, right when I was discharged from my program and she has been one of the many people who have saved my life. She’s coming to New York for the first time in 20 years to stay with me and my family and I want to do something awesome and meaningful for her and for us! We have such an amazing friendship. A sisterhood! And added layer to our friendship: I realized I had feelings for Skye. I was so ashamed of the feeling. This is yucky of me. Because I trust her, I told her. She doesn't feel the same way but we talked about it. Months later - now we're really great friends - it built up in me again, thinking: I can't be friends with her anymore. My zero to one hundreds, catastrophic way of thinking - I'm going to have to let her go, saying: I don't think I can talk to you right now. It's too hard. We both cried a lot. Then, my therapist said: it's okay to be madly in love with your friend. I'm madly in love with our friendship.

Skye: She came back and said that she left so much better, where her therapist also said: as long as you guys are willing to check in, why have a separation?

Carly: It wasn't the thought itself. It was what the thought made me feel - embarrassment, being ashamed.

Skye: You should never be ashamed for what your heart wants. You might get hurt. You might get your heart broken. That's all hard enough without adding a layer of shame on top.

Carly: I realized it would break my heart even more if I lost my best friend. It's always going to be this lingering feeling.

Skye: Now, we can talk about it more openly. For Carly, it's whatever you need, whenever you need it. 100%. I'll always be there emotionally even when I won't be able to be there physically all the time.