One thing I love about myself is how resilient I am. I don't care what happens, I will always get back up no matter what. I am an artist, entrepreneur and founder of Studio Mucci, which is basically a company that just makes happiness. We basically make handmade party decor and anything fun. I want everyone feel like there's a reason to celebrate pretty much everything. Sometimes I can't get out of bed in the morning and I think it's important to say because sometimes many people can't get out of bed. But when I do the thing that really drives me is just is knowing that I'm able to make an impact on other people and bring other people a little bit of joy. I would say my greatest adversity thus far has been mental illness. It's been the hardest thing that I've ever had to deal with in my entire life and the only way I really learned how to live with it and cope with it is by accepting it. Just being honest with yourself about who you are and embracing yourself completely is the greatest thing I could suggest anyone do. Fear is such a tricky thing and it's such an illusion and I've lived in fear for so long - fear of being myself. Now I just really want to put that behind me and never let that happen again. I am aware that what I do makes people happy and it is the greatest gift of my entire life. And I just want to keep spreading that as much as I can.