The Light

Life is the most beautiful thing in the world, yet it is absolutely terrifying at times. There can be so much darkness in the world, yet I have always chosen to be in control of my happiness and have realized that from the moment I wake up, it is in my power to be happy. Ironic at times, because I am recovering from an eating disorder, but in January 2017 I noticed an inner shift and truly in this moment, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Today, of all the days!, my boyfriend, Nick, and his sweet angel pup, Hazel Olivia, are moving to NYC and we are about to start a life together. I have always been told I am the "positive polly", the glass half full kind of girl, yet I have the darkness of my eating disorder, and when I am not strong enough, Nick is there to lift me up. Even through my personal darkness, I choose to see the light. Every day is a new day, a new beginning, and I am forever grateful to be alive each day. I strive for perfection, and after facing head on my own darkness, my daily mantra (one of a few!) is "imperfection is perfection". I have never felt more imperfect in my entire life and to me, that is vulnerable and beautiful.