Mullica: I'm celebrating love and diversity. My fiancé and I come from two diverse backgrounds. He is Guyanese and I am Thai and we live in NYC which is the best city in the whole wide world. I never really thought it was until I had the amazing opportunity to travel more in the past 2-3 years. This is a city where I feel we can raise our children and stay strong in a questionable time for race and diversity. We're passionate about many things. Kevin, my fiancé, is an engineer by day but a crazy soca/dancehall rum drinking fool who knows the words to almost every song. I am a graphic designer by day but I love lots of DIY crafts. I knit, embroider, play the ukulele, and love to cook and bake. I think what gets us out of bed every day is a drive and a passion to do the best we can with our lives and take care of everyone we love. Our parents are both pretty local in NY and NJ and taking care of them is a value we both share. Being together isn't just about us. To have a long, sustaining foreverness - you don't just marry a person. You marry into their whole life and their values. We make a lot of those sacrifices for each other. We've never convinced one or the other to abandon our families to move somewhere a little less expensive or warmer. So it's a time of celebration and I celebrate everything, like growing old together. I want to have a baby after we get married. I've never felt so ready to be with someone after. I see a future. For a long time I didn't really have goals. I was wandering. Now I can see more. I see more than just me and what I'm going to do tomorrow. I can be move now. More present. Because I don't feel as worried. I own it now. I'm taking action more instead of letting shitty things happen to me. I feel like I can accomplish more knowing he's there for me. He helped me become more of an advocate for myself. We want to be able to officially share the news of our impending wedding in 2019 and give our friends and family a sneak peak of what's to come. Also, we're both really not into photoshoots or getting our pictures taken so I hope this will help us break that barrier in a fun and spontaneous way.


Kevin: I recently got engaged to the most loving, kind, caring, and creative woman. She loves everything unexpected and different, that sometimes it can even be a little annoying. She keeps it lively. If it was me, I'd be on the same routine but she comes home saying, "let's go do this thing!" She brings me out of the norm. I use to be very logical, black and white about everything. She helped me see there is medium, an in-between, shades of grey - in all aspects of life. Now, I put myself in people's positions a lot more. She bleeds for everybody. She could see a homeless person on the street and start crying. She will see a situation and immediately take on all the burden of that person or situation in herself. I've gotten more empathy as a result of that. This is giving our friends and family a taste of what is to come for our wedding. We really want our wedding to feel like a big party and it's greatly inspired by my west indian background. Every year they have carnival and there is music and dancing in the streets. I want her to be happy and celebrate our lives going forward.