I feel like half of what I do all the time is delving into myself and trying to change, develop and adapt. What I’d like to embody is the ability to bend and laugh - that’s how I want to be able to react. I’m having this image in my head of being a flexible blade of grass. When it gets pushed down, it springs back up so that to me is knowing there is struggle. I got my first tattoo last month and it says “Embrace Struggle” because I realized that I want to find the joy in the struggle instead of getting knocked down. I want to find the joy in getting back up and honestly the joy in getting knocked down. The joy in saying, “It didn’t work but I did something! It didn’t go the way I wanted it to but I was there and I did my best! I learned something or I explored something.” It’s not even resilience exactly, but it’s the ability to derive joy and humor from the process of being and having things fall out. Welcoming the discomfort but to find what’s joyful about the discomfort - what’s good about it, what’s special about it, what’s funny about it.