There's been this progression of events, people and places that have put my mind, my body and my spirit - my spirituality - into a lot of growth and progression. It actually hasn't always happened in parallel. There's been really strong emotional growth that hasn't been matched with physical growth or spiritual growth that lacked emotional growth. I don't think I've found my life in unison, a real synergy between all of those things. They've all grown in positive ways but I don't think I've yet to find alignment or true connection in that space. What I'm most passionate about is love. But not love the term: the act of energetic, physical and emotional giving. There's a knowing to it. You can know you can love. It's not just a concept. I actually think it's an action and a force. It is mutual. It is about connection. The thing I care about most is human connection. Through love and through the language of love. That process is the pinnacle of the most important thing. It transcends anything: hate, violence, your history or your future. It's like this perfect present. And the possibilities created through love are very genuine and worthwhile. When I think about what I should wake up for that day, it's love. You haven't unlocked all that you can in yourself if your ability to love is blocked. It truly lets you go places you haven't imagined so that pursuit is really important and it takes form in a life journey of grappling with the complexities of love. I also think love is something one provides. I want my friends to know me as the person who genuinely, unconditionally loves them. And the same for my partners, brothers or family. That's what I would want to be known for. I am passionate about bringing joy to people's lives and seeing them for all that they are. I think within love there is mischief and playfulness. It's not boring. There is excitement and craziness to it. I don't think it's this calm thing, which also makes it fun. It also goes back to service. This mantra my dad always put in my head as a kid: Love all, Serve all - that is what I stand for. I get joy out of service. Whether it's helping someone on the street or somebody asks you to speak to them after a hard day or your neighbor is moving all of their stuff and you help them for three hours and you didn't sign up for that. You serve everyone. It is the action of loving and going about your day with that pursuit. If you choose love, everything is possible.

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