I choose to celebrate the truth. Honesty. For me, it took a LONG time to be honest with myself. To accept who I am and embrace it. I did a lot of things that weren't me. I went down a dark path, but I have no regrets. It brought me to realize who I am not. That i'm not going to waste being who I am not and embrace who I am. Love who I am. Be my own best friend. I celebrate the truth because it's what matters to me, personally, but also to the world. There are so many lies out there in media, in relationships, and corporations....why lie to myself? Why be a part of that? I finally let go and told myself no more once I hit rock bottom...ever since then, i've found myself in ways I never thought I could. 

My passions and pleasures...I think I just enjoy talking to people. I love seeing humans be, well, human. I love painting and capturing moments with my camera. I love hearing stories. My biggest passion is storytelling, and making sure everyone's story is heard. 

I get out of bed in the morning because I promised myself I would never give up on me. I used to be in a head space where i'd ask myself...what's the point? Why should you get up from bed? Why should you even wake up? Be alive? That was and still is, a battle within me. But I promised myself to fight. Never give up on you. Because I deserve to be alive. I deserve to be here. 

I think my biggest pet peeve is ignorance. It bothers me SO much when there are people out there that have no idea what the fuck they are talking about and spreading all this misinformation. Knowledge is power. 

What I want to stand for....I want to stand for the unheard. So many people have SO much to say. Their story matters. The truth matters. I want to make that truth heard.