I celebrate learning how to live and feel unapologetically. I realized that by default I was often feeling self imposed pressure to pretend I was happy when I was not. I didn't want my mood to adversely affect those around me. At times it was exhausting, secrets are heavy. I made a choice to be honest about how I feel and to never apologize for it. In doing so I have attracted genuine people in my life who appreciate my openness and vulnerability. I feel more confident with who I am and what I want. I believe having real conversations is essential to truly connect with those around us. In having the courage to share your authentic feelings you empower others to do the same. You show others that they are not alone; often you learn that you are not alone. Our society teaches us that if we are sad it is a problem to be fixed. I think sadness has beauty in some way, it means that you cared so deeply about something that you feel it's loss. It is okay to feel sad, to embrace your sadness and accept it. The entire universe abounds with people and things you can love and connect to. That is what makes life magical. Each moment, person, anything that makes you feel something is worth celebrating.