As a noun, voice is defined as a sound produced in speech or song. As a verb, voice means to express something in words. If I had to describe my life journey in its entirety, it would be characterized by the ever-present calling of my inner voice to speak out and live. The word voice comes from the Latin ‘vox.’ Originally understood as the voice or call from God. In this aspect, my voice has served and continues to serves as a calling within me to live a fuller, truer, and experiential life. It was after years of internal struggle that I decided to break out of my fears and follow my inner voice to sing. Now, as I currently attend music school, I continue to rely on my inner voice to preserver through difficult times of question and doubt surrounding my calling. This calling, is not strictly limited to my career to sing and perform but it is a call to become a holistic individual. One who is able to take and learn from life, allowing them to be molded and crafted by the beauty of the world and reflect these learning in the application of their character. My voice is not solely limited to my artistic ability to sing. It is political, social, and economic. My voice is used to speak for both myself and for others, to become a voice for the voiceless and in doing so, finding my own.