Ever since I was a kid I always had a special relationship with water. When I break a sweat, my thirst is instantly quenched with some H20. When I shed tears - of joy or misery - because I am passionate about something, I feel human. As a varsity swimmer in high school, I spent a lot of time in a pool doing hundreds of laps while meditating to my breaths. One of my favorite pastimes is taking a hot smoldering shower. I'm allowed to be sad, pissed off, or carelessly singing along to some music - it's a sacred place where I can be completely myself. And it also melts away the knots in my back along with any thoughts that don't serve me. There's something about being in a body of water that grounds and comforts me, especially salt water. I feel light, airy, and a part of the earth, like I'm getting back to basics and the beautiful simplicities of life. If it were respectable, I would be a beach bum. I love the refreshing plunge when it's too hot. I love the waves the roll down my back. I love the sun hitting my skin even though it will lead to future wrinkles. Growing up I secretly wanted to be a surfer chick. I love everything that it represents: au natural hair, a golden glow, and badass moves respected by the boys. My ideal life is to go to the beach everyday and let go. Water helps me imagine my wildest dreams.