Steve: She's my reason not to get out of bed everyday. That's exactly what it is. It's not to get up - it's waking up and just wanting to hang out with her. It's not a driving thing to do something else, it's to spend more time with her. She makes me think about the future a lot more. I'm perfectly fine sometimes just coasting but planning is a good thing even though I don't always like it. 

Lisa: I'd say inversely to that: he's made me slow down a little bit. I use to be very Type A where there always needs to be a plan for everything and if not followed to a tee, I get really stressed. I've learned that it was harming me as much as it was annoying everyone else because I would just get myself so worked up. I still have plans and moments of anxiety - especially when I'm late for something - but he's really made me just enjoy the here and now more. If it's us just hanging out and watching a movie at home or just chatting - just being there together and not thinking about that next thing. 

Steve: She's definitely helped me with taking actions because I'm so okay with going with the flow. I like my sloth type style of doing thing but it's important to look at a few more steps down the line. I'm totally cool with waiting until it's two minutes before we go to dinner and it's already 9pm versus trying to plan out the evening or even just the tiniest things day-to-day. It's like having this cool friend that has the same, weird sense of humor as you that you get to explore the world with. 

Lisa: We always seem to be on the page about a lot of things, or at least the important things. He makes me feel so loved. All the people he loves know it. He shows that and I get to be one of the luckiest recipients of receiving that love. He makes me feel really special and valued. Whenever I'm stressed, he always reminds me that I can do it. He's my biggest supporter. I'm incredibly lucky to count my fiancee as the missing piece I never knew I was looking for.