My whole life has been about “why not?” I’m not a believer in “that’s not the way it’s done.” I put one foot in front of the other and just go.  That's how I approached cancer, the first time (ovarian – chemo took out all of my hair, except the hair on my legs, which kept growing. Go figure.) AND the second time (breast. Double-mastectomy.). And as I struggled to get better, I found out my 51 year old husband was having an affair with a 25 year old restaurant hostess with a Marilyn Monroe complex. (I like to refer to this as losing another boob in my life, but I digress.) Kind of ironic considering that I was a national relationship “expert” who wrote USA WEEKEND’S Relationtips column and a book called “Dateworthy.” (Actually, the dating advice still holds up – I had to re-read it as I ventured back into the world of dating as a 53 year old chop shop!). I work every day to make lives better at a non-profit organization and come home every night to my little rescue dog, Chloe. This year, my boyfriend (yes!  It happened!) threw me a “55 and still alive” birthday party – yay!  I celebrate my strength to have beaten ovarian cancer, deal with the meds that will (hopefully) keep my breast cancer from coming back; to optimistically venture forward after losing a 26 year relationship and now, putting myself out there to relaunch my writing career. I do fail, a lot, and I have days when I didn’t do my best and may have even done “an ugly” or snapped. But I’m a work in progress.  My screen saver says “Best Day Ever” because even if it ended up being a lousy day, I got a chance to live and the next one for sure could be the best. In the end, I want a live a life like confetti – sparkly and messy, and fun.