I'm celebrating the biggest dream of all the dreams: publishing my first book. And this moment is about so much more than publishing a book. It's about listening to and trusting in my intuition, and following the call of curiosity and wonder. A decade ago, when I was rising the ranks in Silicon Valley, I had a breakdown moment when I realized that the life I thought I "should" want was not the life for me. I had this feeling inside of me that I must make a drastic change, so I quit my job, sold my belongings, and set out on a truth-seeking quest. So many people told me I was making a mistake or "crazy," but I knew there was more for me. For us. For the world. I could feel it inside of me. And today, that future I sensed was possible is now real. It's the life I'm now living. I like to think that I'm living proof that curiosities are made to be followed. // Choose Wonder Over Worry out in stores nationwide 🎉