My grandmother always used to tell me "si, se puede" - loosely translated in English to mean "yes, you can." Growing up this phrase has meant a lot of things: yes, you can sleep in your own room at night, you can learn your multiplication tables, you can make the varsity softball team as a freshman, study in a foreign country for a year, graduate a semester early, get a job and move into NYC. Yes, you can. Settling into New York as an adult has brought on some big personal challenges and a new meaning to the phrase that has now become my mantra. Last year I set out to accomplish some pretty hefty goals. With this mantra in mind I can reflect with a smile and say: it started with an amazing organization that turned family. Dancing the sun up countless mornings in clubs, on boats, on roofs and even on the High Line resurfaced a confidence and attracted the friends that first made NY feel like home. From there followed a new job, a spontaneous trip to Cancun followed by trips to New Orleans, Austin, Denver (twice!), Philly and Seattle, a new apartment with new roomies, a festival on the beach, a cabin in the mountains for Memorial Day weekend that rolled over into a ridiculous Hamptons adventure and crew. In addition to cultural experiences like variety shows, art exhibits, concerts, secret parties and picnics came countless nights in Brooklyn on rooftops with views, reconnecting with old friends, tales of meeting new ones and the best nights sitting on floors and couches with those closest to me - the most meaningful adventures of all. A year later, relying on my own “si, se puede”, I did it: make NYC home, build a community and travel – check, check, check.